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Welcome to Everything You Wish For

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  • Imagine …..waking up each morning feeling refreshed and energized!
  • Imagine…..not feeling anxiety in the pit of your stomach throughout your day!
  • Imagine…..how you feel not to be in physical pain!
  • Imagine…. closing your eyes each night and falling right to sleep!
  • Imagine….living in the moment and always knowing where your keys are!
  • Imagine….getting along better with co-workers and family!
  • Imagine….finally getting rid of that bad habit or phobia!

What if life wasn’t so difficult? Can you even imagine how that would feel?

We have two distinct parts of our minds…The Conscious Mind is the practical, logical mind. The Subconscious Mind is the grand sum total of what we ‘believe’ to be true, whether or not that is so.
We are all products of our memories, thoughts, feelings and emotions. We react based on those memories, thoughts and past events that made us uncomfortable. For example….When you were the tender age of 5 you thought you would make your Mommy breakfast for her birthday…Being 5 the breakfast wasn’t going to be great but you did your best within the parameters of what any 5 year old could accomplish. You went into the back yard and picked a dandelion and put it in a glass of water, then poured a glass of orange juice and decided to make some toast. You weren’t real good with the toaster and so it came out a little dark. You were so excited to surprise your Mom and so you put everything on a tray and brought it into her bedroom. She seemed happy about it at first, but then made a comment about the toast being too dark. Your heart sank because she wasn’t as happy as you hoped she would be. So now years have passed. You are all grown up. Somehow every time you hear the word, ‘toast’, your subconscious takes you back to that memory. You react because you are
‘triggered’ by that word. The word makes you feel bad. It reminds you, even though you may not even remember that particular event, that you are not ‘good enough’. Of course this isn’t really true!

You were always more than good enough, but your child mind took on that opinion that day even though it was a misconception.

All your life you felt that no matter what you did it was never ‘good enough’. You just never had the confidence you needed to succeed with your profession or personal relationships.
This happens with many people…so you are not alone. The good news is that you can heal this memory EASIER than you ever thought you could!

How can this be possible?

Contact Rosemarie and she will teach you a simple yet very effective tool, called ‘Tapping’

What is this and how can this help me?

Tapping is the best thing since sliced bread!! It has become widely recognized and endorsed by many well-known medical professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, celebrities and spiritual leaders…Why? Because it WORKS!!!

It is the manual version of acupuncture but without the needles. You ‘Tap’ with your own fingertips on 8 points of your head, hand, face, collar bone and under arm while saying certain verbiage until the emotional ‘charge’ of the event reduces to neutrality. The action of ‘Tapping’ on certain end points of the major energy centers of the body calms the part of your brain called the ‘amygdala’. This part of your brain is responsible for ‘fight or flight’.

Rosemarie’s expertise empowers her clients to find the ‘root’ cause uncovering painful memories and events that allow the body to release and let go. Once this happens the body will decide it is time to release the pain. Pain is a ‘symptom’ and the only way the body lets you know that something needs healing. It is the way the body tries to get your attention. You can be certain that there is an emotional reason why you are in chronic pain. Sometimes it takes the body years to manifest. Every person is different. Dramatic results can be achieved in a relatively short amount of time if the person is open and willing ( usually one to three sessions.)

Certain events, contributing to the pain can have layers of emotions attached to one event. Rosemarie’s goal is to determine the ‘root’ of the problem teaching the client ‘muscle testing’ as well as self-hypnosis. The combination of these three techniques creates permanent success in a short amount of time!

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